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We are Green-Certified

Many cleaning companies use extremely harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but also the children who are exposed to those chemicals daily. We use green chemicals that are less harmful all around!


A good clean that smells great!

Another benefit to using our green-certified cleaning chemicals is the great smell! You don't get accosted by the harsh scent of traditional chemicals rather you get a clean fresh smell! 


We Specialize in Daycares and Schools

Child care establishments are one of our biggest clients because of our green cleaning standard! So not only do we offer great prices and a great product but we also know exactly what you need so you don't have to waste time explaining it! 


Sign a year contract now...

Get ALL of your floor care needs for the first year for free! We promise you'll love us so much you won't want to let anyone . 

Daycares And Schools
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Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
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