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Green Life Janitorial offers a large variety of services to meet your needs in any capacity. Huge business with a massive building? We can handle it! We've got you covered. Just need your floor waxed or your carpet washed? We have the equipment and highly trained employees to make sure your floors sparkle. 

Here at Green Life we believe that cleanliness and well-being are inextricably linked. Anything less than 100% satisfaction will not be accepted. Green Life was born from this belief and adds to this, the respect and concern for the environment we live in today. Sustainability goes beyond re-education and culture; this implies we do not leave "chemical trails" and we use products that aim to minimize any negative impact on the environment and the different forms of life. 

No job is too big or small! Call us today to set up a complimentary walk-through! (860) 451-8285


Commercial Cleaning

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Floor Care

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